Wick is a former Viking settlement in the North of Scotland. The town which extends across the River Wick, along both sides of Wick Bay, was once one of the busiest herring ports in Europe during the 19th century. Read this guide for hotels and things to do in Wick.

Many visitors come to this principal town in the far north of Scotland to see the remains of the Castle of Old Wick, known to the town’s locals as the Old Man of Wick. The heritage site sits at the edge of high cliffs which are located about half a mile south of Wick Bay.


Things to do in Wick

things to do in wick

Did you know that Wick is split into two towns? There are many things to do in both Wick proper, and Pultneytown and you should explore both during your visit here.

The town’s surrounding areas boast beautiful white beaches, historic ruins and wonderful wildlife.

We have collated a list of the top things to do in Wick below

Sinclair’s Bay

things to do in wick

If you are looking for white-sanded beaches in Scotland, make sure you tick Sinclair’s Bay off your list. Sinclair Bay is one of the top things to do in Wick! This beautiful tourist spot is known locally as Reiss Beach, so you may hear it being called this during your visit to Wick.

Many visitors come here to spot rare Scottish seabirds and marine life such as seals and orcas.

This paradise has 16th-century castles at both ends of the bay and has high cliffs situated behind it. Get lost in its sand and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Sinclair’s Bay.

Sinclair’s Bay is located in Caithness near Wick.


things to do in wick

There is much to see on foot while touring this part of Scotland. This area, in particular, is very popular with those that enjoy leisurely walks and hiking.

If you plan on visiting the the the 15th to 17th-century ruins of Sinclair and Girnigoe castles near Wick, VisitScotland recommends a “clifftop walk to the castle via Noss Head Lighthouse from the tiny fishing village of Staxigoe”.

Water Sports

things to do in wick

Looking for more exciting things to do in Wick? Get wet and wild during your next trip to the Scottish Highlands!

Wick is a popular destination for those visiting Scottish beaches for water sports. The most popular choices for those visiting Wick and Sinclair’s Bay is windsurfing and sand-yachting.

You can also visit Wick Harbour Marina and enjoy an exciting tour of the East Caithness coastline. Those that choose this boat tour in Wick can explore caves around the coastline, visit Whaligoe Haven and get close up views to rare species of birds and marine wildlife.

These trips are family-friendly with seating for 12 passengers.

Wick Heritage Centre

things to do in wick

Located in Bank Row, Pultneytown, this interesting tourist attraction is open from Easter until the end of October.

Learn more about Wick’s history and view exhibitions on the town’s herring fishing heritage. There are many displays here which delve into what working life, community life and family life have looked like over the years here.

Most famously, you will find the Johnston Photographic Collection which depicts 115 years history of Wick. This is a must-see if you are visiting this stunning Highland town.

Pulteney Distillery

things to do in wick

Rated as a four-star attraction by Visit Scotland this famous distillery is the most northerly on the Scottish mainland. This site has been making traditional malt whisky for over two centuries and Wick locals are extremely proud of its history.

Pulteney Distillery has been crafting single malt Scotch whisky since 1826. This must-see tourist attraction in Wick is located by the town’s stunning harbour and Pulteney Distillery believes that the whisky that it makes is the embodiment of town’s history and community and it is most famous for its “Genuine Maritime Malt”.

Guests to the distillery can experience the distilleries craftsmanship firsthand during a tour or tasting experience.

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