Isle of Harris Accommodation

Whether it’s a hotel, chalets, log cabins, or B&Bs – all available to tourists visiting the Isle of Harris. There is something for everyone here and whether you are travelling on a budget or are looking for a luxury escape – we have found some great accommodation Harris options for you!

Thanks to its beautiful and picturesque shores and coasts, the Isle of Harris is a popular holiday destination for Scots and international tourists. With tons of accommodation options available across the Harris Isle, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you regardless of whether you are looking for something short-term or long-term.

Whether you’re a family looking to spend some quality time together after the pandemic, or instead, you’re a busy couple looking to find some quiet time in a beautifully isolated location, the Isle of Harris has consistently provided top-quality Hebridean hospitality for all its guests.

Parents, children, and loved ones alike can foster long-lasting memories in the amazing place that is the Isle of Harris.

Holiday Cottages Harris

Holiday Cottages Harris

For those of you who love the idea of setting up shop in a little Harris cottage for a few nights, you’ll be pleased to know that the Isle of Harris has a beautiful selection of Harris cottage properties for you to choose from.

A popular form of self-catering accommodation, North Harris and South Harris properties alike are some of the most well-renowned short-term stays in the Outer Hebrides.

Lochedge Lodge

Lochedge Lodge

Lochedge Lodge is a beautiful self-catering accommodation option in the small and cosy area of Bunaveneadar, perfectly suitable for a couple looking for their honeymoon location.

A self-contained one-bedroom house, Lochedge Lodge boasts an outstanding patio and balcony with breathtaking panoramic views of the mountain ranges located a short distance away, the never-ending horizon of the Atlantic Ocean and the natural beauty of the area for you to explore.

With free WiFi being offered throughout and surrounding the property, you’ll be able to upload all your stunning photos of yourself and your loved ones with ease, or even call your friends from the beautiful beaches as well.

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The Sheiling

The Sheiling

The Sheiling is another great Harris cottage in the area of Tarbert, housing up to eight adults in its four deluxe-sized bedrooms.

Complete with a hot tub and a private garden, The Sheiling Cottage on the Isle of Harris offers one of the top villa-style locations on the West Coast of the Isle of Harris and is only twelve miles away from the nearest airport, if you’re travelling from far away.

With modern interior design paired with traditional Scotland-style furnishings, the Sheiling is a statement residence that has cultivated some beautiful memories for plenty of tourists and has been consistently well-reviewed.

Additionally, if you are a huge fan of cycling trails and long walking routes, then the Sheiling has brilliant access to some of the Isle of Harris’s best nature walks, only a short distance away from the accommodation itself!

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Solace Cottage

Solace Cottage is another well-rated Harris cottage on the West Coast of Scotland, in the Bunaveneadar location once again.

Close to the mountain ranges and the breathtaking views that accompany any residence on the West side of the Isle of Harris, this holiday home boasts a luxurious and spacious garden, with the facilities for a barbecue available for any short-term summer stays as well in the house.

Within driving distance of Scarista Beach, this accommodation choice on the Isle of Harris is sure to fulfil the needs of any family or couple looking for a break this summer. You can use the fully-fitted kitchen to prepare breakfast for yourself and your partner, or you can take a wander to the local restaurants and cafes to experience some top-class Hebridean hospitality.

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Harris White Cottage

Harris White Cottage

Harris White Cottage is a special beach property located on the West Coast of the Isle of Harris and is situated in Rodel. With such beautiful beaches nearby, you’ll be unable to resist the temptation of spending all your time outside on the breathtaking shores surrounding the property.

This holiday home on the Isle of Harris comfortably houses up to four people across two deluxe-sized bedrooms, with one en-suite. With free WiFi available throughout the property, if you’re on a work trip, you don’t have to worry about staying connected, as the Harris White Cottage will provide you with the speeds that you need!

Keen golfer? Golf courses are only a short drive away in both North Harris and South Harris, and you’ll always have your comfy and cosy self-catering accommodation to come back to when you need it.

Also, if you’re up for a bit of exploring away from the comfort of the cottage, you can take a short drive away from the Harris site into the town of Lewis for a spot of fishing if golf isn’t your cup of tea!

Alternatively, especially if you’re quite an avid photographer, you can take a small trek over to North Uist and capture the beautiful horizons there.

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Riverside is an Isle of Harris favourite for little staycations and is located in Tarbert, a great location if you’re looking to get away from the city but still be within reasonable driving distance of other amenities.

A two-bedroom apartment, the facilities at this self-catering Riverside accommodation speak to the high quality of the Hebridean hospitality available on the Isle of Harris.

Comparable to a luxury hotel, Hebrides locals are always excited to stay in Riverside and enjoy its high-speed free wifi, the pre-prepared breakfast facilities and the convenience of golf courses and fishing spots available nearby.

As you’ll see from most of the reviews of the apartment, nearly every family have rated the Riverside self-catering accommodation as one of the best on the island – and a beautiful site to stay in.

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George’s House

George's House

George’s House is located in the Manish region of the Isle of Harris and is renowned for being a great site to spend the summer.

With the island being an optimal location for fishing, this cottage is a perfect location for some father and son bonding opportunities – of course, is there anywhere better than the Outer Hebrides for spending time with the family?

If you’re visiting during the summer, the George’s House cottage also has the facilities for a barbecue, too.

The cottage is also great for visiting with friends too; if you’ve got a couple of extra guests, the property also boasts a beautiful 1 bedroom annexe that comes with its own bathroom and facilities as well!

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Fisherman’s Hut

Fisherman's Hut

Fisherman’s Hut is another holiday home located in the Tarbert region of the Isle of Harris and houses two people, so would be perfectly suitable for a couple escaping the high stakes of the city for a long weekend, or maybe the parents escaping from the kids before the summer holidays start!

Again, a property with garden and barbecue facilities for the summer and great heating for any winter staycations, the Fisherman’s Hut in Tarbert is one of the comfiest and compact self-catering accommodation choices on the vacationer’s market for this year.

With a fully serviced kitchen and state of the art kitchen appliances as well, you’ll feel right at home in this property, and you’ll probably never want to leave!

If you’re quite an active family or couple, or even a group of friends, then you’ll be pleased to know that the owners of this property have been beneficial in helping guests find walking and cycling routes and activities that work for them.

So if you’re struggling to find your bearings in the area, the owners are around for any assistance you may need!

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B&B Harris

B&B Harris

Of course, for some holidayers, a villa or a cottage is a little bit too much space. Sometimes, a cottage isn’t necessarily in the budget for all families, especially after the past couple of years and the financial impact of the pandemic.

Luckily, however, the Isle of Harris options extend far beyond just cottages and include alternative short-term stay options as well, such as bed and breakfasts and the like.

With most of the B&B sites being located in a fantastic site full of natural beauty, you’ll be sure to find somewhere that has a cosy place to rest your head and a hearty breakfast to start your day!

Atlantic Shore Cottages & B&B

If you like to be beside the seaside, Atlantic Shore Cottages & B&B is the best option for you.

Luskentyre Beach is an eight-minute walk away from this location. You can choose between four or five-star cottages that are both ideals for couples and small families or a B&B experience in a private suite of the host’s home.

Again, with the beautiful beaches so close to this bed and breakfast property, this property is one of the best on the Hebridean Islands – not to mention that it also has a brilliantly delicious continental buffet breakfast available, and some would probably say that it’s the best on the island!

Ceol na Mara Guest House

Ceol na Mara Guest House

Ceol na Mara Guest House is a peaceful little property in Tarbet on the Isle of Harris that provides free Wifi, free parking and a free breakfast sourced from locally produced ingredients from both Tarbet itself and the surrounding areas of South Harris and North Harris as well.

Stornoway is only a 45-minute drive away from the guest house itself, making it super accessible for tourists travelling internationally to the Isle of Harris who will need to access the airport facilities.

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Camping Harris

Camping Harris

If you’re quite the outdoorsy type of holidayer, then maybe a camping site sounds much more up your street for exploring the Isle of Harris! If that’s the case, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Isle of Harris is very accommodating for campers of all ages and all skills.

Whether you’re going high maintenance glamping, or you want to go full foraging mode out there in the Outer Hebrides, you’ll find the camping site that’s right for you.

The West Coast of Scotland is steeped in places like the old traditional croft house or the traditional blackhouse for you to stay in, but for some people, they just like the good old outdoors.

With such a large majority of the island consisting of beaches that aren’t attached to a self-catering cottage, like most of the islands are, you can even camp on the beautiful beaches themselves in some cases! Just make sure that you’re prepared for sand getting into places you might not want it to, as is usually the case with any messy trip to the beach!

Lickisto Blackhouse Camping

Lickisto Blackhouse Camping

Lickisto Blackhouse Camping is really one of the most versatile campsites on the Island and is really flexible with the style of camping that it accommodates.

If you’ve got a motorhome that you’re looking to camp out in for the duration of your stay on the Isle of Harris, then the Lickisto Blackhouse camping site will be a great solution for you.

With plenty of motorhomes, RV and caravan parking spots available for you to book for short term or long term stays, not only can you be secure in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe, but also that you’ll be in an optimal location for exploring.

The Lickisto camping site is within good driving distance of some of the most popular tourist attractions, including a golf course, resorts with a hot tub and even a relatively short drive away from the breathtaking views of North Uist.

Dogs are also welcome at this camping site, even if you’re not bringing a vehicle along with you for the ride.

The Lickisto camping site also offers space for your own tent if you prefer to be on the ground and will provide you with any backup materials that you may need if you find yourself short of camping bags, firestarters or even power supplies.

The setting is beautifully remote and offers the opportunity to view the fantastic variety of wildlife naturally present and residing in the environments of the Outer Hebrides Islands.

Flodabay Farm Motorhome And Caravan Park

Flodabay Farm Motorhome And Caravan Park

Flodabay Farm Motorhome And Caravan Park is a more exclusive camping area that is only for adults, so parents, this one is definitely for you if you’re looking for an escape from your kids before the school holidays begin for the summer!

Especially if you’re looking for a change from the guest house or the cottage based holiday, the Flodabay Farm Motorhome and Caravan park is an exciting way to spend your time on the Isle of Harris.

More seasoned campers may find that this area suits their needs and preferences a little bit better, especially if you’ve had experience towing your motorhome before. This is a necessity for this camping area, specifically due to the nature of the area itself and its location.

Operating from the top of a very steep hill in the North Harris area, all motorhomes must be towed by a 4×4 vehicle and must be suitable for parking on a hardstanding pitching area, three of which are available at the Flodabay Farm Park.

The area itself is very secluded and offers a great deal of peace and tranquillity, as do most camping areas in the Outer Hebrides and specifically in the serene environments of the Isle of Harris! If you’re looking to do quite a bit of exploring, however, this may not be the best camping area for you.

Considering its position at the top of such a steep hill, it is not advised by the Flodabay staff for you to remove and return to your parking spot very frequently during your stay.

However, on the brighter side, the area does offer some unique facilities that hopefully shouldn’t entice you any less than the golf course will! With plenty of picnic benches and soft, lush fields, this is truly a place to not only reconnect with nature but to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as well.

From the position of the camping area, you’ll get incomparably beautiful views of the North Uist coastline and overarching views of the many beaches and islands that make up the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Harris itself.

Additionally, the campsite also has the unique facility of its own herb patch, not to mention its own freshwater source for you to drink from. If you’re a true camper and you’ve remembered to bring your foraging and your cooking gear with you too, then these will truly come in handy for making the most of the natural environment for your holiday.

Mangersta Croft Holidays

Mangersta Croft Holidays

Mangersta Croft Holidays is yet another beautiful area for camping out on the Isle of Harris and one of the lushest areas for it in the entire Outer Hebrides islands! Situated very close to a traditional Scotland crofting village, you’ll be able to entirely immerse yourself in the experience of camping out on the islands themselves.

Surrounded by the views of the beaches around you, no cottage or golf course can compare to the enjoyment and the comfort of being in the peaceful elements of the natural Hebridean environment. Not only will you get the full experience of the owners’ functioning crofting farm, but you will also be able to be a huge part of it if you wish! The croft is working, and reviews of this camping area have said that the owners love for visitors to get involved.

With blackface sheep and ewes, and lambs all over the croft, the hosts Derek and Elsie are always happy to reassure their visitors and their campers of the safety of the area.

Otter Bay Pods

Otter Bay Pods

Otter Bay Pods are a camping area that is not entirely located on the Isle of Harris alone but is instead accessible via the Isle of Lewis. As per the description of the camping area as pods, the Otter Bay area provides pods for those campers that may not have had the experience of being in the outdoors before and instead are a bit more suited to the glamping lifestyle!

The pods are fully kitted out and are ready to be used, almost like a hotel, Hebrides style! Also, if natural exploring doesn’t sound like something that’s entirely up to your street, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Otter Bay Pods also have fishing, golfing, cycling and walking activities nearby.

Additionally, if you’re choosing for your glamping pod to be of the self-catering variety, but you’re worried that you might struggle, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Pods themselves are only a ten-minute drive away from the Stornoway town centre, so if you need any supplies, you can always head down there for a refill.

Pods can sleep up to four people, and they are fully kitted out as well with a functional bathroom, all the kitchen necessities as part of your mini kitchenette and a small yet compact double bed and a sofa bed for the children, if you’re using the pod as a family.

The flexibility of the pods means that not only can you sleep in them comfortably as a family, but you can also enjoy the spaciousness of sleeping in one of the pods as a couple as well!

Uig Bay Campsite

Uig Bay Campsite

Uig Bay Campsite is a campsite that is again situated a little further away from the Isle of Harris and is located on the Isle of Skye, working as a stopover location for those who wish to take the ferry from Scotland to Northern Ireland or vice versa!

However, the campsite area is still extremely well established and has been around since the 1960s, with its longstanding hard pitching areas for all kinds of travellers who may want to stay.

The area itself is very varied, with some grassy areas and some gravelly, as well as some that are levelled and some that are sloped, in case you’re a camper that likes to add a bit more of a challenge to camping!

Dogs are also very much welcome at the campsite as well, including children of all ages. As with any campsite accommodation on the Isle of Harris, however, the safety of children lies with the responsibility of the parents or guardians!

The campsite also comes accompanied by a handy set of facilities for the average traveller including toilets, baby changing facilities, vending machines and a charging station as well.

Isle of Harris Hotel

Isle of Harris Hotel

It goes without saying that even though the Isle of Harris is world-renowned for its amazing views and its spectacular scenery, there are still many tourists who feel more suited to taking up accommodation on the island in the form of a hotel.

There is, of course, no shortage of luxury accommodation of the Isle of Harris, and for those who wish to push the boat out a little, there are more extravagant stays to be had!

With guaranteed views of the North Uist, these hotel stays get booked up very quickly for both the summer and the winter, so if this sounds more up your street than the camping sites and the self-catering cottages, then you’d better make your move!

Ceol na Mara

This hotel name translates from Gaelic to ‘Sound of the Sea’, which makes sense as it looks over Loch Kindebig.

At this beautiful guesthouse in Tarbert you will be served up a hearty breakfast made with local produce and welcomed in by its wonderful hosts.

The location also gets a massive tick as Stornoway is a 45-minute drive away from Ceol na Mara and Luskentyre Beach is only 20 minutes by car.

For some, this hotel may be a little different to the style of hotels in cities and more built-up areas. Still, it definitely creates a unique environment for a holiday, especially when you’re more city-minded.

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate

Live like royalty during your next trip to Harris at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate, they say!

This stunning five-star hotel was built in 1865. As you check-in, you can enjoy the views of West Loch Tarbert and check-out from day to day stress and disruption.

Rooms here are simply first class, as guests are treated to huge beds, roll-top baths, and lavish décor.

It’s been consistently reviewed as one of the most interesting stays on the Isle of Harris, and if you’re looking for something a little more traditional to try and learn a little bit more about the history of the island.

Self Catering Cottages on Harris

Self Catering Cottages on Harris

Harris is great for its hotel scene and B&Bs, but the real beauty lies in the homes dotted around the empty beaches.

The self-catering cottages on the beaches of the Isle of Harris make you feel like you have another home to go to when you’re out visiting the Outer Hebrides; with fully fitted kitchens, not too far away from town centres so you can feel a good balance between the isolation of the beautiful countryside and the community of the towns.

Below is a couple of hand-selected self-catering options for you to peruse and consider for your stay on the Isle of Harris.

Beul na Mara Guest House

Beul na Mara Guest House

Beul na Mara B&B is simply exquisite as it is located on one of the most scenic areas on the west coast of Harris.

What makes Beul na Mara unique is a conservatory attached to the guest house that overlooks Seilebost and Luskentyre beaches, which means you can enjoy the panoramic views no matter what the weather is like.

The guest house has always been well-reviewed by both couples and families for providing a homely and cosy sense of comfort for your stay, complete with a central heating system, large double-glazed windows for viewing the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises throughout your stay.

The Buel na Mara Guest House offers great double bedrooms and can house up to four adults in its deluxe spaces, with excellent value for money as rates start from £55.00 per person per night.

With the cheapest rates for luxury stays on the market, the bookings for this guest house fill up instantly, so if you’re looking to stay in an authentic self-catering accommodation option, then we’d definitely recommend the classic guest house stay for you.

Bobban House Harris

Bobban House Harris

The holiday home in Harris is ideal for a family that needs 2 bedrooms accommodation with all the self-catering trimmings.

Located in Tarbert, this is an excellent base for those that want to enjoy the Scottish outdoors, try hiking, windsurfing or fishing during your stay here!

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Leverburgh Tiny-House Puffin

Go wild at the Leverburgh Tiny-House Puffin. This cosy holiday home located in Northton on the Isle of Harris is perfect for couples searching for self-catering options.

It has everything you need, including one bedroom, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and access to an outdoor barbeque.

Finsbay Lodges

Finsbay Lodges

Finsbay Lodges are a nice cheaper stay, especially if you’re wanting to retain that homeliness and the traditional comfort of the Isle of Harris.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the wallet, easy on the eyes and easy to get, then the Finsbay Lodges will be your Holiday Inn for the Isle of Harris!

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Taigh Tormod

Taigh Tormod is a good stay for a group of students looking for a cheap way to get away from the busy student life but still be in the heart of the islands and enjoy the beautiful views.

With three bedrooms and free parking, you’ll definitely make memories in this fully fitted holiday home, complete with garden and barbecue facilities.

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Clovelly Torran Glas

Clovelly Torran Glas

Clovelly Torran Glas is another great choice for self-catering accommodation that can also house up to four adults and is an even better choice if you feel you still want some of the city comforts on your holiday.

With a Blu-Ray player, a flat-screen TV and high-speed WiFi, this detached holiday home, complete with a full-size bathtub, you’ll feel relaxed and comfy here in the heart of Tarbert!

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