When the sun shines in the West of Scotland, locals will flock to Ayr for a spot on its beautiful golden sand beach. This guide looks at the best things to do and hotels in Ayr.

What makes Ayr Beach so special? This scenic spot has been awarded a Seaside Award from ‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’, an honor considering the number of stunning beaches this part of the UK has to offer.


Your complete guide to Ayr

Want to find out more about Ayr before your visit? We give you your ‘complete guide to Ayr’ and reveal what special Scot was born in this little town below!

Where is Ayr?

Ayr sits in among a line of popular Ayrshire seaside towns on the western coastline of the South West of Scotland. From this part of the coastline, you can look out on to Ailsa Craig, the Isle of Arran and on a nice day, Pladda.

This small beach town is under an hours drive away from Paisley and Glasgow and its beach is to the Ayr railway station and Ayr bus station – there are transport links to the seafront from these locations.

Things to do in Ayr

Traditionally, Ayr has always been the place that families from the west of Scotland will go to during the spring and summer holiday periods.

Ayr’s Low Green has been major tourist attraction since the Victorian era and to this day families will enjoy lounging on it during a hot summers day.

Whether the sun is shining or not there is a great range of facilities suitable for the full family around Ayr Beach.

My Voyage Scotland lists just a few ideas for you and the family below!

Heads Of Ayr Farm Park

Animals of all shapes and sizes can be found at Heads of Ayr Farm. During your visit here you will meet small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, degus and mice.

The park is also home to larger and exotic residents, including llamas, ponies, donkeys, monkeys, lemurs and meerkats, and goats.

Ralph the Camel and Troy the Tapir are fan favourites of those who visit the site!

Ayr Beach

Start your family tradition with a visit to Ayr Beach this summer.

Skip some stones, make memories and if you are brave enough why not paddle in the water after a picnic on the sand?

Ayr Beach is a great destination for those travelling with kids and animals and is a great choice if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful activity while visiting the West of Scotland.

Cycling in Ayr

Ayr beach is a part of the Sustrans National Route 7. If you enjoy cycling, this scenic route offers some unforgettable coastline views.

During your travels to Ayr, you will pass through Irvine, Troon and Prestwick, all lovely little towns with lots to offer visitors.

Ayr Racecourse

Don’t miss Ayr Racecourse if you are planning a visit to the town! This is a VisitScotland 5 star visitor attraction and a great day out for those that want to experience horse racing the Scottish way.

Over thirty races are hosted every year with leading jockeys and horses from top stables taking part in Grand National and Cup Festival events.

Pirate Pete’s

After building your obligatory sandcastle why not give crazy golf at one of Ayr’s most popular spots? Pirate Pete’s play centre is Ayr’s very own treasure trove as it offers fun for children of all ages and big kids too of course!

Located just a stone’s throw away from the seafront, Pirate Pete’s offers indoor soft play, crazy golf, and laser games. If you want to sit back and relax while the rest of the family have fun, there is also a café to where you can grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.

Visit Ayr

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